Certifications and registrations like these are awarded only to a selected few companies who fit the requirements and norms. It not only drives us to achieve more such recognition, but also to build trust and faith amongst our clientele. Such recognition also uplifts us to a pedestal, with a distinct advantage as against our peers.

What is the most important of it all, is how we appeal to our direct stakeholders, those who are seeking employment through our services. This places greater responsibility on our shoulders, to act effectively and satisfy the job seekers.

Al-Yousuf is registered under Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs

(Govt. of India)

R.C. : B – 0655/MUM/PER/1000+/4-1/4/7914/2007.

We are also registered and active members of the following:

Saudi Embassy, Mumbai – ID. 125

Saudi Cultural Attache’s (New Delhi) – Attesation Service

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization – 43314/A/0001/UK/En

Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council – A 93

MCC Chamber of Commerce

The AWS is an enabler in more than one ways, since it also helps us member organizations to track the demand for welders through updates and thus satisfy the requirements.


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