Employment Visas are issued to skilled and qualified professionals or persons who are engaged or appointed by companies, organizations, economic undertakings as technicians, technical experts, senior executines

etc. Applicants are required to submit proof of contract /employment /engagement of foreign nationals by the company or organization dearly indicating the designation of the official, salary offered, and name of the company for whom he/ she will be working in India. A copy of the registration of the company in India is also to be produced Employment visa can be applied only from the country of domicile or country of residence if applicant’s residency is more than 2 years.

When applying for a visa :

The Embassy of Qatar does not offir any expedited services. There is no additional fee charged for any application. All passports must be submitted and picked up between 9.30am and (Monday to thusday)

The completed application from (should be clearly printed by a non- refundable application processing fee by money order or company cheque no cash or personal cheque is accepted. The cheque should favor Embassy of the state of Qatar one payment per application should be followed. Single payment for two or more application will not be accepted.

The passport submitted by the applicant should be valid for more than six months than the intended duration of stay in Qatar and should have pages to place a visa.

Every application should a accompanied by two col or passport size photographs, original passports, two additional photocopied of first few pages of the passport a company letter (in case of business visa) invitation letter (for tourist visa)if an individual aoolicant, the reason for entry visa request should be specified.

Avisa is not requied before travel to Qatar if connecting to other flights by transit.

Empoyment Visa (for Ministry) :

  • 15 passport size color photographs with blue background
  • Passport copy
  • Medical FIT report
  • For medical staff the candidate must obtain their certicate verification frothier medical council and from institute from where studied also from current employment

Types of Visas and Requirements

  • Family Visa
  • This service permts employees in Qatar to bring in their families from abeoad or renew residence visas of their family members


On obtaining a business visa, passport holder of certain countries will be granted direct entry visa without obtaining previous visas at borders of the state. A company or a recognized establishment submits an application to the Immigration department the visa has 2 week validity and could be renewed for another 2 week.

Businessmen from countries such as the unlited states, Britain France Italy gemany Canada Australia new Zealand japan

The Netherlands. Belgum Luxembourg, Switzerland austrina, swizeriand austna Sweden Norway Denmark Portugal Ireland Greece finland span, Monaco the Vatican, lceland Andorra, san manno Lichtenstein bruner Singapore Malaysia hong kong south korea are eligible for the visa.

However the visa is subject to laws concerning entry and residency of foreigners and resolution taken in that matter it is also applicable to current rules for residents of gcc countnes and people arriving and departing on Qatar arways.

Documents for business visa :

  • 15 passport size colour photographs with blue background
  • passport copy
  • passport (Minimum validity 6 months)at the time of departure
  • Air ticket (one way)
  • Visa copy business visit visa/ family visit
  • 15 passport size color photographs
  • Passort copy
  • Original passport with ECNR stamp
  • Visa copy & Return Air Ticket


This visa is issued to family members of those residing in Qatar a short term duration of one  month the visa is issued for visiting family member, who are visiting their relative residing  in the country in case the visitor seeks to stay beyond one month in Qatar the visitor will to undergo a medical test before the end of one month period. Thereafter the visa could be renewed for five months for immediate family members (includes father mother sister sons) and two months for other relatives.

Degree Certificate Attestation

Degree Certificate Attestation is the process of

attesting the original degree certificate so it could be valid in gulf or other countries for getting an Employment visa attestation in degree certificates has to be completed first from the home country where the certificates are issued then the foreign country the candidates seeking Employment

Degree certificate attestation is required for getting a family visa in gulf like USE, Saudi Kuwait oman Qatar Bahrain attestation in Marriage Certificate has to be completed first from the home country where the certificates are issued then the foreign country where the person plans to relocate. HRD attestation from Delhi is not required for marriage certificate attestation required to get a suitable trade visa from labor department of UAE Kuwait, oman, Saudi etc……

Degree Certificate attestation services are available through us from India we can do degree attestation without your presence from India, you can contact us for all of degree certificate attention service or attestation related procedures from anywhere in the world. We have own offices in UAE, Kuwait and more than 40 (forty) branches in India attestation through us is available for degree certificate attestation issued from all states &union territories of India we can do attestation of degree certificate issued from abroad also like UAE, kuwait etc…

We can do GAD attestation home ministry/ home department attestation secretariat attestation and notary attestation for all marriage certificates from the state governments department of India .as per the new rule Indian embassy or consulate attestation from Dubai is not mandatory to get the family visa from UAE, Arabian Gulf.

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